Every crystal found, every photograph taken, every sentence written - everything that flows through us gives meaning to our lives and allows our lives to be satiated.

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The energy resources in the Universe are unlimited. You can draw from them freely. You have unlimited access to all abundance when you live in unwavering connection with your inner potential. That is why it is so important to harmonize the energy of the environment in which you live and your own energy field.

Crystals positively affect our energy stability -physical and mental health, inner peace, clarity of perception and hardness of character. They complement and saturate the processes that drive our life energy.

Each crystal in ILUMA is individually hand-selected by our team. We watch over the crystals from the moment they are extracted, through the stage of cleaning and grinding, and putting them in artistic frames made of metal, wood and glass, until the moment they are brought to a new place where they are to live.

Our Team is a group of conscious professionals. We support people with great enthusiasm in harmonizing their living spaces - companies, houses and gardens, hotels, restaurants and spas. Crystals serve them all.

Get ready to have more energy at your disposal. The less invisible distractions around you, the greater the focus of your attention and the greater the power of your influence on the surrounding reality. Use it with your heart. For your sake and for all sentient beings.

Katarzyna Jasińska i Piotr Jakóbczak ILUMA CRYSTAL HERITAGE



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